As parents we tend to worry a lot for our children especially when they are not with us. My son is right now serving in the army. Last Sunday morning, he booked in early into camp because they had to get ready for a 24km march which will begin at 8pm and end around 5am the following day. On Monday evening, he called and told me that he was having a flu and feeling unwell. I prayed for him over the phone.

The next morning, I too woke up with a flu. I guess the flu virus must have been in my body for a few days. I could have been the one passing the virus to my son or I could have caught it from him. By Wednesday morning, I was feeling very ill and I was very worried how my son was doing in camp. Then I received a SMS from him informing me that he will be having a 6km run in the afternoon. He asked me to pray for him as he had to pass the timing test. I was extremely worried as I was worried that he may not have recovered from his flu and knowing him, he would not want to report sick. The weather was very hot in the afternoon. I can imagine if I were to step out into the sun with my fever, sore throat and running nose, I will definitely be very ill. I wonder how my son can cope with it.

However, there was nothing I can do except to pray for him. Then I read this blog “Do You Know That God Will Provide You All You Need To Succeed?”. My attention was drawn to 2 Samuel 21:15-22 about David being in great danger with many giants rising up to fight and kill him. David grew faint but the LORD delivered him from all his enemies. David wrote a song (Psalm 18) to the LORD. I decided to read that song and meditate upon the scriptures as I prayed for my son. However, I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up, it was almost 5pm and I quickly say a short prayer in my heart, and commit everything to the LORD. In that blog that I read, the author said that the LORD fought the battle for David when David was at his weakest. I prayed and told the LORD, when I cannot be with my son to look after him, I believe He will personally look after my son.

By evening I texted my son to ask how was his run and if he was feeling alright. His replied that he finished the 6km 5minutes before the required time duration and he was feeling very good. I was so thankful to the LORD. I know that God has done miraculous healing for my son that he could have such a speedy recovery and could complete the 6km within the time given. The LORD is good and He is faithful. He never sleeps, He never slumbers. While I fell asleep, our LORD Jesus did all the work to watch over my son for me!

Friends, if you are like me,  worrying for our children, believe that Jesus will take care of our children when we are not being able to be with them to take care of them. So do not worry. If the LORD have watched over King David and protected him in so many battles, our good LORD will also watch over and protect our children.