In the old days, before tablet devices were available, most parents would buy a portable whiteboard (some are magnetic erasable board) like the one shown below, to get their kids to draw. It is particularly useful when you are bringing little children on a long journey, and that’s the best way to keep them occupied.

magnetic erasable whiteboard-estherespero

magnetic erasable whiteboard (image from

However, these days, there’s a better alternative. There are a lot of  drawing apps in the App store which you can download onto your mobile devices for your kids to use. If you are looking for a drawing App that is simple to use and yet allows you to draw very beautiful and even realistic drawings, the Brushes Redux App will be a good choice.

What is Brushes App?

It is a free drawing App available for Apple devices –iphone and iPad. You can download the App on your mobile devices.

brushes redux - pnc bible reading

brushes redux on App store


The App comes with a feature that automatically records your entire drawing process and you can play back or export the video to share with your friends. Here’s a drawing made with the Brushes Redux App:


It is an App that is very simple to you. It is intuitive and easy, extremely suitable for children. With the recording feature, you can draw something simple and let the child play back. With this repetition, children will learn how to draw.



Featured Image by Gustavo Rezende from Pixabay