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Author: Estrella Espero

Are You Worried for Your Child? Pray and Commit to the LORD

As parents we tend to worry a lot for our children especially when they are not with us. My son is right now serving in the army. Last Sunday morning, he booked in early into camp because they had to get ready for a 24km march which will begin at 8pm and end around 5am the following day. On Monday evening, he called and told me that he was having a flu and feeling unwell. I prayed for him over the phone. The next morning, I too woke up with a flu. I guess the flu virus must have...

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Reading With Your Kids

When my child was just 6 months old, I saw a TV commercial while shopping in Mothercare. That commercial was demonstrating that if you start showing words to your baby, even when he is just 6 months old, you will be surprised that he will be reading very soon. For example, you write the words ‘BELLY BUTTON’ on a card and then point to your tummy button, repeat that action a number of times and you will soon discover that whenever you show the card with the words ‘BELLY BUTTON’, your baby will point to his tummy button. After seeing that...

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