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Author: passion

How to teach your kids to draw

In the old days, before tablet devices were available, most parents would buy a portable whiteboard (some are magnetic erasable board) like the one shown below, to get their kids to draw. It is particularly useful when you are bringing little children on a long journey, and that’s the best way to keep them occupied. However, these days, there’s a better alternative. There are a lot of  drawing apps in the App store which you can download onto your mobile devices for your kids to use. If you are looking for a drawing App that is simple to use...

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

I am a firm believer of eating a balanced diet, not just vegetarian eating. Particularly for growing up children, they need all the nutrients to grow healthily. They need the meat to give them the protein and B vitamins to develop strong muscles and healthy nervous system. At the same time, they need lots of fruits and vegetables to provide their bodies with vitamins to fight against diseases. Hence when my child began to wean, I began to add fruits, vegetables and meat into his diet. My child used to like vegetables until one day, when he was about two years old,...

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